My Monat Skincare, Haircare and My Pet Routine!!

Saturday 9th December 2021- So I started creating my mini Monat Beauty Routine videos so I can show you all how good Monat products are for you/ your Skin and Hair. Take a look at the link below for my Morning Monat Skincare.

My favourite products that I like to use is in the morning is Monat Berry Scrub which is made of Cranberry seeds. Berry scrub revitalises your skin to make it feel smooth and refreshed. Following this the cranberry seeds exfoliates into your skin- this helps amy pores/spots or rough skin to stop feeling itchy! Like I said before I suffer from Acne since I was 7 years old and now I am in my twenties.

Following this I use in the above video the Travel Monat Be Gentle kit which I purchase as when I was a vip customer with Monat. There travel kits were ok sale for a limited period over the Christmas 🎄 2020 period. I went for the light pink as I suffer from sensitive skin. The products which feature are:

The Berry Scrub, The BeGentle Cleanser, The Monat Refined Water Treatment (Distilled Water), Monat Serum, Monat Moisturiser and Nourishing Eye Cream. For all of the above products info please take a look at the video above. Always shake M Products before using as all of their natural ingredients are always at the bottom. So when you shake they come to top!!

As with my Morning Skincare routine, I also use Monat for night time . I basically use the same products that I use in the morning but I also include Monat Night Haven Cream. (This is a age control cream) as well. Like I said before the mini clip below will show you my nighttime routine in full!

My Evening HairCare….

I so enjoy using Monat beauty and I include Monat products to my hair. Including Monat Renew Shampoo, The Intense Repair Conditioner, (I used to suffer with Dandruff) so whilst I have been using Monat haircare I have seen such a difference to my hair, As it used to feel so greasy using other shampoos.

But using products that I know are all made of natural ingredients, not tested on animals, are Cruelty free Vegan and Leaping bunny certified. I have seen such a difference with how smooth, shiny my hair is after every wash. I now only wash my hair twice a week, and you don’t have to use too much of the shampoos either. Monat products are made for everyone including Babies/Juniors, Teens, Women, Men and Pets. Even my Parents so enjoy using everything Monat. Be apart of ‘Modern Nature’….

As when you rub into your hair it disappears/dissolves into your hair. So you are not going out to the shop beauty shops or supermarkets so much to buy more shampoo or conditioner. As Monat products can last for 1-2 months. Including all of their products they are all Sulphate/Pathagen free. Here is a another mini video for you all to watch.

If I am in a rush I will use the Monat Leave In Conditioner after washing my hair. This is amazing fir those rush mornings or fir those rush mornings. After using all of the above haircare I always use the Monat Glossy Shine Mist Spray after drying my hair. As it always helps to keep my style in for longer. This is a natural aerosols spray. I suffer Also from Asthema and I don’t cough or splutter like with other aerosols!!

PetCare…. 🐶🌱🙉🥰

Now I must not be the only pet owner with a Dog who always seems to be smelling all of the horrible odours on their dog coats?! Lol my dog is always rubbing himself into any sort of poo or mud!! I always thought that Monat was just for us people and Juniors to use?

How wrong was I as Monat has it’s own PetCare Line- so your four legged pal can have some special pampering not just you!! (So when your dog grooming isn’t for a long time)- you can keep your dog smart and smelling lovely.

See below my dog enjoying his Monat Dog spray- so after all those long muddy dog walks you can apply the spray to their fur coats. (Just make sure you don’t get into their eyes or under there ears). Just spray 2-3 times on their fur and use a doggy brush if you so wish. Here are pics of mine:

All the picture below are from Monat Apple Icloud special drive….

Monat- The life of a New Marketing Partner!

I am now a Monat New Marketing Partner I joined Monat in December 2020. With thanks to my great friend Charlotte who introduced me to Monat. I was a Monat vip to start with and I really enjoyed using the products. As I suffer from Acne and Ezcema. I was so surprised that finally I found beauty products that didn’t irritate my skin – Monat believe is: We are Modern Nature. As all of the products are made of natural ingredients.

Being apart of Monat as a MP has given been independence, business knowledge and lifestyle change. As during lockdown I was furloughed and then lost my job within Childcare Wraparound care. Due to the Covid lockdown and Monat has given me the knowledge to set up my own home business! I als enjoy travelling, meeting new work colleagues, food/lifestyle, beauty and fitness.

I have done many training videos online and I have read many booklets/info given by Monat. so I can understand about product knowledge and customer relations.

I will be writing more about my favourite products in my next blog post.

I have got the best work ladies as well my friend charlotte and our Manager Kelly. I am loving all of Monat and also made so many amazing work colleagues around the world 🌎 from Dubai, to USA 🇺🇸 to Europe, Canada and Ireland.
A throwback from when I was on my Australia 🇦🇺 travels last year pre Covid with my parents when we visited Brissy my fave part of Aus and I held a Koala.

GloriousGoodsx -My friend Izzy started her own Cake delivery business throughout lockdown. (I was very thankful for being able to write this article with permission from Izzy!!

As well as learning to bake myself throughout lockdown. My great friend Izzy at @gloriousgoodsx started her own business from her very own parents house kitchen. I was at primary school with Izzy (Izzy was a couple of years below me and her older sister Lauren was also couple years below me).

At 17 years Izzy who is still in Sixth Form wanted to develop her skills and be enterprising throughout lockdown. I was really taken back that student wanted to help her local community/far wide throughout the local areas of Hertfordshire. All of Izzy home baked cakes and brownies are all baked with love in her local town of Letchworth Garden City (where I live is twinned to LGC since I live in Welwyn garden City. GloriousGoodsx prides itself in affordable bakes to suit everybody needs. GG even got a Food Hygenie certificate and takes all allergies/intolerances kept in mind!!

I have been blown away with how delicious GloriousGoodsx brownies/cakes are. They are so moorish, taste divine, new flavours out each week, continuous updates on new bakes and super customer service. As well as good value for money and speedy delivery! I would definitely recommend you who are reading this blog post to tryouts. If you are Letchworth, Baldock, Hitchin, Stevenage, Old Welwyn and Welwyn garden City based then do check out my friend Izzy @gloriousgoodsx Instagram page if you would like to order that is.

My favourites would have to be GG vegan Oreo Brownies and vegan biscoff as they are splendid. My parents have really enjoyed their purchases which I got them- from Smartie brownies, Rocky Road bites( in a personalised jar since I got their belated wedding anniversary present, My dad enjoyed his Father’s Day chocolate box. Filled with Galaxy Ministrel Brownies and mini heart chocolates. All came in personalised cake boxes!! My mum and dad even loved GG White Chocolate cookies and Rolo Caramel cookies. I even purchased surprise brownies/rocky road to my little friend Zeynap who is 7 and her parents. Since they have been isolating during lockdown.

Thank you very much to my super baking queen Izzy at @gloriousgoodsx for creating and making such a professional business during lockdown. Thank you for giving the permission to write this blog post on GG.

Coronavirus Lockdown/Baking 2020!

Beginning of March we were all told about Wuhan in China had the start of Coronavirus Pandemic.

Then by late March we had our first cases here in the Uk and followed by other countries around the world. From being Furloughed from work at my local breakfast club and after school club in primary. I have been studying for my further level 3 Schools, teaching qualification, to working out each day with Joe Wicks.

I have been really enjoying doing Pe with Joe who has been the nation of Pe instructor for during lockdown. Joe started his Pe videos on YouTube @thebodycoach mainly for children and their parents. However joes workout videos went so viral that even us adults were getting involved. I have done all 17/18 weeks of Pe with Joe, I completed his weekly homework, dress up fridays, loved listening to music live. As well as joe doing his shoutouts (I hoped to get a shoutout). I also got his Pe with Joe t shirts, as well as Graces competition winning entry!!

@thebodycoach reading out RIP to a amazing inspirational Boy called Rhuban who sadly passed of Cancer

As you can see above, I have really been keeping myself busy throughout Lockdown. As well as doing Baking. I am a beginner cook and here is what I have made:

Baking Lockdown 2020!

From baking my Mums vegan Banana bread cake from my great friend @nourishing.amy Amy recipe. My mum really enjoyed it and so did me and my dad. Even my dog wanted to try!! On my Birthday on Victory of Europe Day on May 8th 2020 I independently baked my own Victoria Sponge cake using Strawberries and Cream. My parents all enjoyed.

Furthermore I have also baked my @nourishing.amy my friend Amy’s vegan Chocolate Oat Tahini cookies cereal. However I skipped out the tahini as I didn’t have any. They were so delicious and I used my favourite vegan chocolate @moo_free_chocolates chips inside. Me and my parents so enjoyed them all.

@oatly I had one of their special edition signed ice cream tubs!!

Food for Thought Festival-Rhiannon Lambert! Hammersmith London

I was so excited that I was able to go to Rhiannon Lambert first Food for Thought festival at Recentre in February. I had booked it all the way back in 2018 before Christmas.

When I arrived and checked in RL festival at Recentre I was feeling so rushed. Since I had literally dash from the tube station and finally found my way.

Throughout the day I listened to many inspiring Food, Lifestyle and Nutritionists talks. I really enjoyed listening to Rhiannon’s talks based on learning to cook, dealing with Acne, about Womens monthly, Being eco friendly and environmental talks.

It was surely a jam packed dayout and I was very thankful to Marks and Spencer’s for feeding us for sure. M&S provided us with their new Plant Food Kitchen Sandwiches. I am not vegan but I enjoy trying plant based foods, I had black bean, Fafel and veggie packed with veggies. As well as fresh apple juice.

Before I left Rhiannon’s food for thought Festival, I bumped into my friend Amy @nourishing.amy friend Ellie from @elibrechernutrition and @elisgranola. Who makes her own home made granola . I have followed Eli on Instagram for ages and I so wanted to order some of Eli’s peanut free granola. So I ordered via email: Cinnamon and Raison coconut granola it was super. Speedy delivery and great customer service!!

I managed to ask Rhiannon a couple of questions about how Rhiannon got into nutrition/ Harley Street and food blogging etc. As well what new skills can beginners cooks learn. Rhiannon let me to have a selfie with her and sign my both of my copies of cookbooks which I borough to with me. I can’t wait to catch up on Rhi Food for Thought festival podcasts.

Eli from @elibrechernutrition and @elisgranola

Dappa Vegan Ice Cream Launch Event Netil Market, Hackney London Uk 2019

Since I have supported Dappa Soft serve Ice cream business at all of the previous food/lifestyle events I have attended in London. I was very chuffed to when they invited me to their summer Launch Party at their new location ‘Netil Market’ Hackney in London.

I was a Gold Ticket holder (with gold wristband) which meant I could bring some guests with me. So I decided to take my then next door neighbours Gulsine, Aykut and their daughter Zeynap to DLP. They had never been to vegan food event before in London and they were all very excited to be offered to come with me!! I

I sure wanted to make sure they had a lovely dayout and Zeynap is such a great friend to me (I am like a big sister to her). We really enjoyed our free ice creams as well- since me being a good ticket holder I was able to get free IC. They were so delicious 😋 and Olly Dappas main ice cream stall holder recognised me and served us. Thank you to Dappa for treating my little friend Zeynap to free chocolate sauce on top of her vegan ice cream.

We all enjoyed listening to live music from independent singers from around Hackney, our vegan pizzas and I also got to meet one of my friend Amy’s friend as well at the event. It was so lovely to meet my friend Amy’s friend Bekah @bitesbybekah. Who is also a fellow Vegan food blogger which I had connected with via Instagram! At this time writing this Bekah has moved back to her hometown of Washington DC in America. After spending 6/7 years studying in London! For her music Degree at London uni, Music master and Music phd post graduate 🎓.

Bekah is still going on her viva phd now. It was lovely to have also met your friend from South Africa. Unfortunately I can’t remember her name, as well we both shared the same profession in Childcare. In a primary school.

Best Wishes my Sunshine Smiles Naturally.Sophiexx

Bekah @bitesbybekah

Vevolution at the South Bank Centre London 2019!

Another festival in London that I was able to attend was ‘Vevolution’ at the South bank centre in London. It’s main aim was to provide everyone who attended to knew about food, lifestyle, being more eco friendly and cooking nutritional meals. There was many live talks that everyone was able to listen to and also do workshops throughout.

As I always seem to miss my favourite talks (due to either going wrong direction or if trains/tubes are running late! I did want to listen to ‘The Happy Pear Guys’ who are friends from Ireland and they have been on tv/ as well got vegan cookbooks out and they got their own cafe shop at Dublin airport in Ireland! @thehappypear

However I did manage to listen to Niomi Smart @niomismart, @mrshollingsworth Emma, Valentia Valconer @valentiavalconer , Boshtv guys who are brothers and they have got their own recipe books and tv programmes. @boshbrothers @boshtv

The Bosh bros are famous for their epic vegan bakes, insane burgers and their interactive talk was so inspirational. With live music and presentation! I also got involved with my first ever silent disco and o saw many stalls. From food stalls as you know, from beauty/cosmetics- Madeline Shaw Bare Minerals make up etc

Best Wishes

My sunshine’s Smiles Naturally. Sophie xxxx

Me with Niomi Smart and my Vevolution Goodie bags with vegan treats.

Sweaty Betty Live 2019-Old Truman Bruery, London

I have always wanted to go to a Food and Lifestyle event at the Old Truman Bruery in Central London Uk.

I was a tad sceptical at the thought of going to my first food and lifestyle event without knowing nobody. However my parents said to me before I went- “Sophie you will enjoy it, you must go to SWBL”! So I then took the train and tube/ journey into Central London.

It was a freezing cold Saturday morning and it was pouring down with rain. It didn’t help I kept walking on the wrong direction form tube station. As I was in such a rush to get to see my favourite food and lifestyle inspiration food bloggers. They are also qualified in their specific areas of nutrition!

Unfortunately I missed my favourite Rhiannon Lambert live talk (who is a Harley Street Nutritionist). On the other hand I got to see/ listen to my other favourite food blogger/Nutritionist blogger Alice Liveing.

You might have heard of Alice before, since she is a columnist writer for ‘WomensHealth’ Uk magazine. Alices talk was very insightful and knowledgeable for sure.

After Alices talk I got to ask her a couple of questions and also managed to get a selfie with Alice. Thank you for Alices agents who kindly took photos for me.

I was also lucky to listen to another inspirational food chef and blogger ‘Madeline Shaw’ who has written many cook books. I have got one of her recipe books as well. I found Maddies talk very true to heart as I suffer from Ibs (Irritable Bowel Symdrome). As well I managed to listen to other food and lifestyle professionals as well.

I listened to many live speaker events whilst I was at Sweaty Betty live. But I can’t forget to mention about all the delicious foods I got to try. From a Salmon and veggie Fafel/black bean wrap from ‘Mindful Kitchen’ stall and my favourite ‘Dappa’ @getdappa Vegan soft serve ice cream. My favourite one is ‘Blueberry Fool’ vanilla with bloobs on top. However I wanted to try dappas other flavours. So I decided to try their other vanilla in a black charcoal water cone, with Salted Caramel pop corn on top! I don’t usually like pop corn but this was delicious!!! As well I managed to get a selfie with the lead Dappa crew 🖤🖤 Olly!😁🙉🍫 @ollyollie

Best Wishes

All my Smiley Sunshine’s xxxx

Winter Vegan Potluck event at Jas and Jules Chocolate house cafe in Shoeditch

After my friend Amy and her friend Anna had their Vegan Summer pot luck event which I attended in Hyde Park in London Uk. (2019)

They arranged the vegan pot luck with the event at a cafe chocolate shop called Jaz and Jules in Shoeditch London.

As like the Summer Pot Luck Event in Hyde Park London, everyone came with their Bring and Share lunch. So I decided to make Deliciously Ella’s @deliciouslyellas Vegan Blueberry Muffins and I also brought other vegan foods as well.

I was so happy that everybody enjoyed my beginner cook vegan bakes and they all went down a treat! I tried many different kinds of vegan foods from Salads, to vegan cheese, Humous on pitta-which I never used to like, Doritos with vegan guacamole. As well as sandwiches, pizza and veggies etc.

Jaz and Jules Chocolates Shop was such a gorgeous setting and the basement room which my friend Amy and Anna hired out was splendid for the pot luck event. With all of aroamas of the different foods and bakes seranading the whole room. Along with the continuous waft of J&J special homemade Vegan Hot Chocolate.

I also got to meet many other like minded people who enjoy making homemade food and who are into food blogging like myself. Sorry I can’t manage to name you all.

Best Wishes

Smiles of Sunshines- Naturally Sophie!!

Ally– @allytheearthling

Nora- @anythingbutrubbish

Valerie- @valerieteh


Esther- @esthergoldsmith

Amy and Anna– The amazing pot luck Hostesses
Vegan Jaz and Jules- Vegan Pot Luck Winter 2019 Group photo!

Vegan Life Live 2019

Last year I was lucky enough to go ‘Vegan Life Live ‘ at Alexandra Palace in London. I had previously visited VLL 2018 year before. As well as previous year visiting Om yoga show at Ally pally as well

As well as Om yoga festival 2018 to watch my friend Amy live cooking demo. For those who haven’t been to Vegan life live at AP it’s a weekend event that brings thousands of people alike together. Who are already fully vegans, want to know/try a range of vegan foods and who enjoy food events alike.

Location: Alexandra Palace is nicknamed Ally Pally. It’s a magnificent building in North London, overlooking central London.

Amy is a great friend of mine, we used to go to primary school with each other. Amy is a vegan food blogger, Recipe developer and Content creator. I went to see Amy’s first live cooking demo with @nuzesteuropeuk .

I really enjoyed watching Amy making her own recipe ‘Tumeric Fruit Granola pots‘. With a range of fruit on top and it really inspired me to learn how to cook for myself and not relying always on my parents. As I wanted to be able to cook nutritious foods which provides a variety of balance.

Listening to to Amy’s cooking demo and I remembered so many thoughts and skills. Which I could take away from Amy’s cooking demonstration. I was very lucky since I was near the front, I could smell the most fulfilling smells gathering around me. From the sweetness of the coconut being mixed with the granola, the vibrant colours of all the fruits and the array of tumeric products from Nuzest Europe.

When I tried Amy’s tumeric granola it tasted Devine. Afterwards I looked around at all the different food stalls, vegan beauty, got to try many brands like Moo free chocolates (my favourite), Jackfruit by Eat Oumph Uk @eatoumpth , Perkier who I met Anne the main owner @perkier and my favourite soft serve vegan ice cream Dappa @getdappa . I had the Vanilla Blueberry Fool and as I don’t like peanuts they were very accommodating and made my soft serve peanut free!!

Ally from Ally the Earthling @allytheearthling
Anne from Perkier foods
Fab from my friend Amy’s Creative Impact food blogger business. @creativeimpact